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of Havening Techniques

Below are some wonderful testimonials about Havening Techniques from clients, the creator of Havening Techniques, Dr Ronald Ruden, and the world's most successful self-help author, Paul McKenna. 

"After surviving multiple physical traumas, PTSD had now surfaced its ugly head. It robbed me of my joy as a creative, to be an available friend, girlfriend, daughter & sister. It was evident now more than ever that mind and body are connected. I did not find any long-lasting comforts in the traditional treatments for my traumatic issues. My doctors told me I had one of the more severe cases they had ever seen. 


I found a trauma specialist who referred me to someone in my area by the name of Michele Paradise. I called her because I desperately craved my life back. 


Michele Paradise has a lovely warm disposition and she understood the dynamics, the devastation and the level of suffering I was going through. We handled each traumatic event one phase at a time together. After 3 sessions I was feeling more like myself than before my trauma had occurred. It truly is amazing and I'm In awe of how quickly my treatment worked! 

I'm living proof this approach works and I'm living my life and my dreams to the fullest!  There are amazing practitioners like Michele Paradise out there & I encourage you to reach out to them."

(Suanne's comments are in her own words only. I do not treat PTSD, TBI, Addiction, and any other DSM5 conditions but I treat the core of the traumatic event to release and decode the negative emotions and release the surrounding stress and anxiety--Michele Paradise). 

Paul McKenna is the world's top-selling self-help author and the greatest ambassador for Havening Techniques. He was recently invited by the United Nations to present Havening to a select group of delegates on World Happiness Day with great success. In addition to his other methodologies such as NLP and Hypnosis, Paul now includes Havening Techniques when working with clients to enable them to make profound changes in their lives. I had the pleasure to interview Paul at the recent Havening Techniques Conference 2016 in the UK and here he shares with us his journey and vision with Havening Techniques. 

I came to see Michele for a social anxiety issue. I felt physically sick when I had to attend business dinners and would find any excuse I could to avoid them. I got so good at it that I actually did feel very sick before dinner and stayed in my hotel room. This was greatly impacting my career and I was beginning to avoid them completely. After working with Michele we found out that I had a teenage trauma that had never been healed or addressed and after several sessions, I began attending dinners again and also starting accepting offers to make presentations for work. We dealt with several other issues that I had buried and now I'm not just attending dinners, I'm organizing them. I regularly speak on stage internationally to thousands of people and I've recently written a book that has resulted in TV and radio interviews, which I couldn't have done without Michele's help. I highly recommend Michele and thoroughly enjoyed her easygoing and humorous way of working. It never felt like I was broken and needed to be fixed. John Lindsay--Oxford

When I came to see Michele, I was 23 years old and felt that my life was over. I had spent the past 6 years yo-yoing between anorexia and bulimia. I had ruined my health and felt trapped and didn't know how to get out. My mother had seen Michele for an issue she had and highly recommended her. At the time. I was in another country and we started on Skype during our first session, I think I cried the whole time. When I returned home, I started to see her in person and within a couple of months, I was no longer afraid of food. It was no longer the enemy. Michele opened my eyes to the fact that my eating disorders were a coping strategy to get me through my difficult years of high school and college and that it was 'past its sell-by date. We retrained my brain and came up with better, healthier strategies to help me deal with stress and anxiety and it worked! I'm now at a great weight and eat without fear. I'm in a new job that has a lot of pressure but I'm using Michele's techniques to deal with the day-to-day issues that arise. My mother was right and I'm so glad that I listened to her this time! Sarah Crawley--London


I consider myself to be an emotionally evolved autonomous individual, drawing on my own strengths and I find it hard to seek help outside of myself. Equally, I occasionally question whether ‘talking’ can genuinely provide tangible comfort and relief.

However, the expertise of Michele Paradise is on an unparalleled and unprecedented level. Michele possesses an extraordinary intellectual ability that is altogether on another sphere.  She is able to offer perspective, insight, and advice that is mind-blowing and makes an indelible and life-changing impact. I feel very lucky that with life challenges as they are (inevitably), I have been able to call upon Michele in my time of need. --Michele Quastel 

I came to see Michele for what I thought was the real relationship. I was convinced that I was unhappy because I wasn't in a loving relationship and the last one I was in ended badly. After blaming my previous partner for the breakdown of the relationship I began to realize that it was me that needed to sort out my drinking. I didn't realize that my 'social' drinking was creeping into my relationships and my career. I almost lost my job for being caught drinking at lunch and then realized that I was in trouble and needed help. Michele didn't treat my addiction, she treated me. She didn't focus on my drinking and instead looked at the traumatic events in my life, predominately in my childhood, and with Michele's help, we healed them, which gave me a better quality of life and a stronger foundation. I'm happy to say that I now hardly drink and when I do it is totally under control, I'm thriving in my job and just got a promotion and I'm now in a loving relationship that is healthy and fulfilling. This all happened in the course of several months and was a painless and enjoyable journey. If you have issues with feeling out of control around something in your life, I highly recommend Michele to enable you to get through it and live a better life. Stephen Madden--Los Angeles

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